Farewell to Mrs Ng

Congratulations to Mrs Ng Liu Yuen King, Connie, on her retirement from teaching at St Stephen’s College. She has served at the College as the Junior Form English Panel Head, the Teacher-in-charge of the Community Youth Club and the Teacher-in-charge of the Awards Committee. Having taught English along with other subjects such as Social Studies, Geography and Religious Studies for more than 30 years, she will never forget the sound of the ringing bell at SSC.

Mrs Ng, who has worked under four Principals – Mr Luke Yip, Mr Derek Too, Dr Louise Law and Ms Carol Yang – said that she is truly blessed. What she will miss the most after her retirement is the close-knit staff community. Despite having taught for a long time, she is as passionate as ever. To her, stepping into the classroom is an energising experience. She stressed that every class is unique and it is important for a teacher to stay openminded so as to devise the most appropriate teaching strategies. ‘Don’t say you’re experienced and refuse to learn,’ she said.

Mrs Ng’s motto is ‘always do your best’. No one could deny that she has indeed been doing her best in the past decades.

Goodbye and thank you, Mrs Ng!

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