Why SSC?

St Stephen’s College encourages excellence through a balanced and holistic curriculum. We equip students with life-long learning skills, sound moral principles and broad global perspectives. Critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving skills, and collaborative skills are incorporated into the curriculum to help students establish good learning habits and an enquiring mind. Interest in learning is sparked through exposure to stimuli both inside and outside the classroom, in particular the yearly exchange programmes.

Under the DSS scheme, we continue to nurture outstanding, committed and resourceful leaders of tomorrow through:

  • utilising our unique, expansive campus to enhance learning and teaching in addition to promoting leadership, physical and aesthetic development of students;
  • devoting more resources to leadership training, such as outward-bound-type programmes and enriched boarding programmes;
  • offering more flexibility in the curriculum by expanding the number of electives, school-based subjects, local and international examination opportunities;
  • recruiting more non-local students to foster a multicultural school life;
  • laying a greater emphasis on the professional training of faculty members;
  • reducing the student-teacher ratio in the classroom;
  • bringing in specialists for local and international university placement counselling and networking with prestigious overseas schools;
  • enhancing students’ proficiency in English and Putonghua.

Contact Information

22 Tung Tau Wan Road, Stanley
Tel: +852 28130360
Fax: +852 28137311
Email: sschk@ssc.edu.hk