Parent-Teacher Association
The Parent-Teacher Association of St Stephen’s College was founded in July 1994. The Executive Committee had its first batch of teacher members in 1998. The official name of the association then is known as Parent-Teacher Association of St Stephen’s College (referred to as PTA).
The initial aims of forming the PTA included enhancing understanding, communication and collaboration between parents and the College, combining the mutual effectiveness of education at home and at school, and rapport among parents for experience in upbringing children.
Management and operation of the PTA are planned and carried out by the committee members. The exco consists of 11 parents and 9 teachers. Everyone in the exco contributes voluntarily in the daily functions of the PTA from very initial stages of planning to accomplishing the mission. Teacher members are nominated by the College every year. Committee members from parents are elected during AGM biennially. The chairman is elected from among all committee members. The principal’s status is the vice chairperson of the PTA.
There have been altogether 3 meetings in the current academic year.


Contact Information

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