Our Aims

The College Motto
Fortitudinis Fundamentum Fides
(Faith is the Foundation of Courage)


The College Vision
St Stephen’s College aims to provide quality education and training for the whole person, with a balanced emphasis on moral, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic and spiritual development, in a caring and supportive Christian environment. We believe in equipping students with life-long learning skills, sound moral principles and broad global perspectives so that they become competent, committed and resourceful leaders of tomorrow.


The College Mission

  • To offer students a modern, all-round, and liberal education through a diverse and flexible curriculum
  • To inculcate in students a sense of moral and spiritual integrity based on Christian principles
  • To offer students opportunities to appreciate, stretch and realise their own potential
  • To foster the development of generic skills for life-long and life-wide learning, particularly critical thinking
  • To help students acquire high proficiency in English and Chinese, including an emphasis on Putonghua usage
  • To assist students to adopt a multi-cultural and international perspective in life, and to network the school with overseas educational institutes
  • To build up students’ leadership strengths such as stamina, confidence, commitment, and problem-solving skills
  • To develop students’ appreciation of their cultural heritage and national identity
  • To nurture students to become caring, responsible, and open-minded citizens in order to serve society, their country, and the world
  • To boost students’ social and life skills, independence, and self-discipline through programmes such as enriched boarding programmes
  • To unleash the creative potential of students to enhance their aesthetic development and nurture enquiring minds
  • To train students for physical fitness and help instil in them a good sense of sportsmanship
  • To adopt an interactive and student-centred approach in teaching with favourable teacher-student ratios
  • To encourage teachers’ professional growth and collaboration so as to maximise effective teaching and vocational satisfaction
  • To become partners with parents, the alumni of the School, and community at large to foster mutual understanding, care and collaboration

Contact Information

22 Tung Tau Wan Road, Stanley
Tel: +852 28130360
Fax: +852 28137311
Email: sschk@ssc.edu.hk