Academic Results

In the year 2023, St. Stephen's remains dedicated to upholding academic excellence as its foundation. Presently, we take immense pride in commemorating yet another year of exceptional academic accomplishments by our graduating class. Despite the challenges posed by an unconventional year, our students' unwavering determination, resilience, and growth have allowed them to shine even more brilliantly. We are truly delighted by their outstanding achievements.






Out of the 37 students in the IBDP, 62.2% of our students obtained 37 marks or above. In all 16 subjects that our school entered for the HKDSE, the SSC Level 5+ percentage is higher than that of all the candidates in Hong Kong.

Our class of 2023 has obtained offers from competitive programmes and universities in Hong Kong: BBA & Law, Data Science & Engineering and Architectural Studies at the University of Hong Kong; Medicine, Artificial Intelligence and Global Business at the Chinese University of Hong Kong; Technology & Management, International Research Enrichment, Sciences and Engineering at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Besides, our students received a wide range of offers from overseas universities from Cancer Biomedicine at University College London, Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College London, and Data Science & Statistics at UCLA to Law at Durham University, Music at Eastman School of Music, and International Relations & Economics at Peking University and Fudan University. Among all the S6 students who sat the HKDSE and IBDP, over 90% have received Bachelor's degree offers. 


The following are a selection of universities that have offered a place to our students (class of 2023):


We congratulate our boys and girls for the outstanding achievement, and thank our teachers and parents for partnering as One Family to create a dynamic and enriching learning environment for each student throughout their time at St Stephen's.

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