Stars Without a Heaven: Children in the Holocaust

In collaboration with the Hong Kong Holocaust Centre (HKHTC) and Yad Vashem, The World Holocaust Remembrance Center, St Stephen's College hosted an international exhibition called Stars Without a Heaven: Children in the Holocaust. On Monday October 19, the exhibition began with an opening officiated by our Principal Ms Yang, Mrs Ahuva Spieler the Consul General of Israel, Dr Roland Vogt the HKHTC Chairman, and Dr David Deutsch the Head of International Seminars for Yad Vashem. On Thursday October 22, HKHTC Executive Director Mr Simon Li gave a talk about the Shanghai Ghetto and shared an international short film A Children's Song that received 7 wins. Following the film screening, students from Carmel School Association Elsa High, Hannah Davidson and Tahlia Goldberg, read excerpts from actress Shoshana Kahan's diaries.


To support learning and teaching, Secondary One Students have been reading a historical fiction Number the Stars by Lois Lowry while the College library has displayed a collection of books, virtual tours and videos about the Holocaust. 

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