Thailand Study Tour


Our Heritage Society went on a study tour to Thailand in early January. Our docents were treated to traditional Thai dinners by our Thai alumni, Khun Kampon and Khun Prateep respectively. The younger docents were also engaged in some city orienting activities at the night markets in Bangkok. The unforgettable moment that we had was to have a New Year's Eve countdown party together. Our docents enjoyed the hospitality of the alumni and learnt a lot of cultural knowledge about Thailand and they now look forward to joining more oberseas tours in the future. During the trip in Thailand, students ate many different kinds of Thai food and some were their favourites. Firstly, there was the Tom Yum Goong Soup (a spicy shrimp soup). It is sour and a little spicy but refreshing; a classic Thai staple. Secondly, there was Pad Thai which consists of minced pork, thin noodles and prawns. It was served with fresh lime, peanuts and coriander which vreated fora fragrant combination. Finally, there was a Thai dessert which was called Mango Sticky Rice. This colorful sticky Rice was served with coconut milk. These three dishes made the fantastic trip more memorable and helped students to appreciate Thai cuisine.

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